Our Passion

Staying connected with potential, existing, and past customers is key to navigating today’s ever-evolving market sentiment. Those proficient in this arena flourish, while others risk falling behind. In the 21st century, customer research is crucial for forward-thinking organizations. Yet, it’s frequently approached in a limited and unplanned way, diminishing its potential effect. Partner with Customeyes to ensure you maximize the benefits of customer research.

Our Winning Equation…

While we naturally deliver customer insights packed with numbers and their underlying meanings, we don’t stop there. For us, insights alone are just a starting point—they transform into value only when they prompt action. Our role? Bridging the gap between your internal team and the external world. Hence, our equation for success: insight x action = impact.

…Your Brand Representation

Recognizing that our research acts as a reflection of your brand to your customers, we first delve deep into understanding your organization. From there, we shift to the customer’s viewpoint, employing a custom-tailored approach for practical results. This not only ensures your customers feel acknowledged but also pinpoints the insights directing you toward progress.

The reasons for choosing us

Independent measurement, with full support during the research.
Current benchmarks for result comparison.
Leader in data security. Your data is in safe hands with ISO 27001.
  • Research according to a proven approach

    While each research inquiry is unique and demands a tailored methodology, questionnaire, and strategy, certain challenges in research are universal. Drawing from fifteen years of experience, Customeyes has crafted a four-phase research approach. The outcome? Clients of Customeyes experience a notable rise in customer satisfaction.

    Research according to a proven approach
  • ISO 27001: Your Data is Secure

    For years, Customeyes has prioritized the security of both customer and respondent data. Since October 2015, an external auditor has independently confirmed our adherence to the standards of ISO/IEC 27001:2017+A11:2020. Dive deeper into Customeyes’ commitment to ISO 27001. This assures that we adeptly protect personal details, research outcomes, and other pertinent data from customers and respondents at both technical and organizational levels. In a December 2022 review, Customeyes successfully passed the re-audit with zero remarks.
    ISO 27001: Your Data is Secure