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Successful, together with your customers. Our products assist you in enhancing your organization by looking at it from the customer’s perspective.

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About us

We increase the customer value for our clients by collecting, analyzing, and utilizing feedback from customers and stakeholders. We do this not only with numbers but also with their significance. Above all, we provide help organisations to improve their business. Towards the customer.

Understanding customers

Understanding customers

Insights alone are not enough. We also assist in reaching a shared understanding within an organization and mobilizing people. Ultimately, to deliver added value.

Step by step

Step by step

Over the years, we have developed an approach that guarantees success and translates customer outcomes into impactful insights.

Towards the ultimate customer experience

Towards the ultimate customer experience

We embark on a journey with our clients. We work with a team that is constantly seeking the WOW moment for the customer. A combination of freedom and personal responsibility to do what we all excel at: making our customers satisfied.

We have developed an approach that ensures guaranteed success and translates customer outcomes into impactful insights.

Our approach

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    Preparing for customer research

    Formulating the reason for conducting a customer research is crucial. Involve stakeholders and colleagues from the beginning in the setup of the research.

  2. 02

    Conducting customer research

    It is important to consider how you want to present your organization to your customers. What does the questionnaire look like? Will it be sent via email or by mail?

  3. 03

    Analyzing, reporting, and presenting

    In this phase, emphasis is placed on accuracy. It’s important to consider the level at which you want to report and which results will flow into the presentation.

  4. 04

    Using the insights

    To truly achieve impact with your customer research, it is essential to translate the insights from the customer survey into concrete actions. Let’s get to work!

Our promises

Personal, challenging, and expert
We have listened carefully to our customers and our own team. The result is that we believe in the unique combination of customer values: 1. Personal, 2. challenging, 3. Expert, and 4. Genuine. In everything we do, this serves as a litmus test – we aim to ensure that our surroundings speak about us in this way and recognize us in this combination of customer values.
Your data is secure
ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. Over the years, Customeyes has always placed significant emphasis on securing customer and respondent information. This has been independently and objectively verified by an external auditor since October 2015. We secure personal data, research results, and other information from customers and respondents in an adequate manner, both technically and organizationally (ISO 9001).
Shared understanding
An investigation is only successful if it propels you forward. If it mobilizes you and your colleagues towards the customer. We not only provide clear insights but also ensure that they are shared within the organization. How do we do that? We work on engagement and awareness. Every step of the way.
One point of contact from A to Z
The consultant serves as your main point of contact. Additionally, a project manager, a business intelligence developer, and possibly a research consultant support your research. Behind them is an expert team ready to step in if tasks need to be transferred.
Full transparency in pricing

Is it about what it costs you or what it yields? It’s the difference between a standard report and an inspiring direction. We are very honest about that. Just like our pricing. It is 100% transparent, so there are never any surprises afterwards.
100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied, we must have done something seriously wrong. And you shouldn’t have to pay for that. After the initial assessment, you have the opportunity to part ways with us without any further obligations. That’s just how we operate.

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