Information security ISO 27001



Customeyes is ISO/IEC 27001:2017+A11:2020 certified. Customeyes demonstrates its ability to secure personal data, research results, and other customer and respondent information both technically and organizationally. In December 2022, Customeyes underwent a re-audit and successfully passed without any remarks.

Over the years, Customeyes has always paid great attention to safeguarding customer and respondent information. Since October 2015, this has been independently and objectively confirmed by an external auditor according to ISO/IEC 27001:2017+A11:2020, an international standard for information security developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Customeyes’ customers can thus have the added assurance that data and information are demonstrably handled in an adequate and secure manner.

Information security pertains to the execution of customer surveys by Customeyes, including data and information collection, processing, reporting, and advisory services. This includes personal data of respondents and research results such as reports.

ISO 27001: Technical and Organizational Control Measures

Components of the information security certificate include:

  • A clear and comprehensive information security policy from the management.
  • A well-organized distribution of roles and responsibilities related to information security.
  • Ensuring the presence of secure and competent employees.
  • Maintaining an appropriate security level for existing assets.
  • Secure physical and digital access.
  • Adequate cryptography and encryption measures.
  • Effective physical security of the premises and assets.
  • Integration of information security into business operations.
  • Secured communication channels for information transport.
  • Appropriate security agreements with suppliers.
  • Management and response to information security incidents and threats.
  • Recognition of information security aspects in the event of business continuity interruption.
  • Compliance with legal requirements, including the Data Protection Act.

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